How one of the most powerful personal brands got even bigger

The Woman of the Decade (Source: Flat icon, Google, Rolling Stone, Unsplash)

Billboard recently honoured Taylor Swift with the Woman of the Decade award. In her acceptance speech, she described her journey of all the times she has had to change her brand to keep up with her critics and maybe her audience as well. From being forced to being the only songwriter on her third album, Speak Now, to reducing her dating, to having too much country music and shifting her whole genre to pop in the album 1989, to removing herself from the public eye, to becoming a villain and releasing a snake-filled album, Reputation, that completely changed the narrative.

As a person who considers herself as someone…let’s say just obsessed with pop culture, even though that’s an understatement — I have found myself in the deep interwebs of fandom culture, many times. Fandom culture is deep, dark, scary yet beautiful and interesting. One is able to not only find certain like-minded people but also fans that are clearly putting in more effort understanding the theories behind certain franchises than they put in their SATs.

We cannot live without content. It’s true! We have been consuming it for years, even if you think the internet hasn’t been there long. Content has been there in the form of plays, books, puppet shows, movies. It’s just that over time, our patience became even more limited. The birth of this impatience led to TikTok, a social media platform delivering bite-sized video content.

With so much hate, so much love and an insanely large user base — TikTok took the social media world by storm, but unfortunately, its reign ended recently. It wasn’t the cringe content that led to…

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I wouldn’t say that’s the case for Instagram Reels.

It’s a completely realistic business strategy to in a product offering similar to your competition and you know, it’s worked well for Instagram in the past with their Stories, DMs and Disappearing Image messages. We slowly saw people get quite annoyed with what Snapchat was and a shift was seen. With the high traffic and user base, TikTok saw it was about time Instagram releases their new offering and this was everyone’s reaction, summed up:

The true reason behind the removal of everyone’s favorite metric

“If you focus on producing a great experience for anyone, that’s how you get big.”

That is exactly the story of Instagram. In fact, this quote is by Kevin Systrom, one of the founders of Instagram. From wanting to see people’s photos in albums, wanting to see updates of their lives, and being forced to see pictures of EVERYTHING they eat, it gives us the biggest digital experience possible. Instagram has had a meteoric rise from a million users in the first 3 months of their launch to becoming one of the biggest apps in the world, with 1 billion…

Source: MSN

Meme culture is the 21st generation’s biggest phenomena. From Rage Comics to “dank” memes to popular movie scenes that became memes, everyone has been enjoying this humour for a long time.

We’ve always been faced with different choices when it comes to consuming content. I used to be confused as a child about whether I should watch Disney or Nickelodeon, which changed to Comedy Central or HBO. Now I and everybody else find themselves in the same boat as choosing Netflix or Prime Video or Hotstar? Streaming has changed the way we consume content in a life-altering way

The entertainment industry has been affected largely with entrants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, disrupting the market. Mobile data traffic is growing as more Indians spend time streaming videos, which is expected…

One of the most interesting aspects of marketing is branding. It’s simple to understand branding — let’s just say it’s how a consumer sees, understands and identifies your company. In all honesty, it’s a beautiful concept that a simple word or shapes can have such a large impact on how one decides “Yes, I want this non-sensical product that I may never use!” (Yay, consumerism!)

Facebook was born with a simple aim: to connect the people of the world..and well, at the same time make some money out of it. It worked out well in favour of Mark Zuckerberg, who didn’t just end up creating a trend — he created a commodity that would term a person as being a social recluse if they didn’t have one.

“Facebook me” became this generation’s “Call me!”, a feat larger than anyone in the tech-sphere had ever achieved. …

Janya Sindhu

With an interest in marketing and as someone who is obsessed with research, I hope to share some articles to bring insights to light.

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